Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Hospitality Preparatory Program

Medium of Instruction: English

Applicant’s Age: Designed for both undergraduate and postgraduate program students

Program Duration: Total duration is dependent on the applicant’s English language level upon entry. Each level has a duration of 9 weeks.

Starting Dates: February/March, August/September of each year

Program Objective is to help students reach a minimum IELTS Academic English score of 4.5, which is required to enroll into the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The program also aims to introduce students to hospitality, raising their cultural awareness in preparation for further studies at Les Roches Jin Jiang when joining the main program.

Students will be placed in the appropriate program level according to their English level assessed by a placement test, equivalent to the IELTS English exam, taken on the check-in day on campus. There are in total three different levels and each level is a 9-week course.

Diploma in International Hotel Management


Medium of Instruction: English (programs are taught entirely in English, except for language classes)

Level: Undergraduate (for applicants with a high school diploma or equivalent)

Award and Program Duration: 
Diploma in International Hotel Management 2 ½ years (3 academic semesters + 2 internship semesters)

Starting Dates: February/March, August/September of each year

The undergraduate programs combine sound theory and experiential (hands-on) learning with professional internships in the industry. By interlocking academic learning with a focus on business leadership skills and guided hands-on learning, a careful balance of knowledge is achieved.

The aim of these industry-focused programs is to provide students with the appropriate operational and supervisory skills for departmental management, alongside assisting them in developing a professional attitude for the hospitality industry.

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Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel Management


Medium of Instruction: English (programs are taught entirely in English, except for language classes)

Level: Postgraduate (for applicants with a degree or relevant work experience in the industry)

Award and Program Duration: 
Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel Administration* 
 (1 academic semester + 1 internship semester)
*Students with professional experience and no bachelor degree will be awarded a Professional Development Diploma in place of a Postgraduate Diploma.

Starting Dates: February/March, August/September and November of each year

The program is designed for career changers or students who need to gain the basic administrative skills for hospitality operations. Additionally, students take a wide variety of courses for general business management practices in hospitality.

The aim of this industry-focused program is to expose students to operational management issues, outline challenges that are prevalent in the industry and provide students with conceptual as well as strategic tools, in order for them to make informed decisions and enable them to solve these issues. Students will also develop a professional attitude for success in the hospitality industry.

The program blends hospitality and business management theoretical courses. The process allows students to gain managerial insight that will effectively prepare them for an entry-level supervisory position in the hospitality industry, with the potential to be promoted to the managerial level after a short period of time.

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Admissions Requirements

Undergraduate Programs

  • The applicant should be 17 years old or above, provided they are 18 years old by the time they start their internship.
  • Must hold a high school certificate/diploma (at least six years of secondary education completed).
  • English language proficiency: IELTS Academic Module minimum overall band score 5.0 (minimum of 5.0 for each part: listening, reading, writing and speaking); TOEFL minimum score of 500 points for the paper-based test, or 61 for the internet-based test; or equivalent English qualification.


Postgraduate Program

  • The applicant should be 21 years old or above.
  • Must hold a bachelor degree from an accredited institution of higher learning in any non-hospitality field.
  • Non-degree holders should have over 3 years of documented working experience at an appropriate level (above supervisory level)
  • English language proficiency: IELTS Academic Module minimum overall band score 5.5 (minimum of 5.0 for each part: listening, reading, writing and speaking); TOEFL minimum score of 525 points for the paper-based test, or 70 for the internet-based test; or equivalent English qualification.


Transfer Opportunities

Les Roches is a global brand that provides you with an innovative, international network of campuses. 

When studying at Les Roches Jin Jiang you can apply for a Study Abroad Transfer within our hospitality education network such as Bluche (Switzerland), Marbella (Spain) or Chicago (USA). 

Students can also apply to transfer for a Degree Completion Abroad at an affiliate institution. The international transfer options allow for combined certification: when studying in at least two locations, students will receive a minimum of two certificates, one from each institution within the Les Roches network.

Career Placement

The main aim of Les Roches Jin Jiang is to help you have a successful career after you graduate. 

Leading international and local branded hotels, high-class restaurants, tourism and consulting companies visit our Campus on a regular basis to recruit and employ Les Roches Jin Jiang students, offering operational or administrative internships and permanent positions.

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LRJJ Summer Program

1 - 14 July 2018

The Summer Program in China offers a unique two-week intro to the World of Hospitality in China and beyond. Aside from workshops, Hotel and Company visits as well as practical hands-on learning, you will enjoy a guided tour of Shanghai and its nearby beautiful attractions in the Yangtze River delta area.


In this 14 days Summer Program, experienced English-speaking Les Roches Jin Jiang teachers will provide the participants with a solid introduction to Chinese culture and the world of Hospitality. You will learn the Xs and Os of Hospitality Management through interactive learning and take part in cross-cultural understanding activities in Shanghai and the surrounding tourist hot spots. This two week tour will not only be entertainingly challenging but also fun and eye opening. A truly unique experience and a great chance to make new friends.

Accommodation, Meals and Transportation

The Summer Program offers a unique hospitality experience in East China’s most developed area. Attendants will stay in upscale hotels including Hyatt and Penta Hotels by New World, giving you great insight into the international hospitality industry. The program price includes hotel accommodation at double occupancy. A single hotel room is available for an extra charge of $900 USD. 

The participants will enjoy full board (meals three times a day) including a mix of Western and famous local Chinese food, and you will tour in a comfortable air-conditioned bus, accompanied by an English-speaking guide. 

Go Global

You also have the option to go global and spend your summer in Europe or the United States as all Les Roches campuses offer Summer Programs - some of which you can even combine for a life-lasting experience.  

Full Schedule

You can download the full schedule for the LRJJ 2018 Summer Program as a PDF here shortly.
Make sure to also check out the Summer Programs at our other campuses around the globe in Switzerland, Spain and the US. 


Please email us in case you're interested in joining the Summer Program or call us at +86 21 6212 1856.