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13 December 2016

An unforgettable experience

by Dan Cho, Intern at JW Marriott Hongkong

Most of you will have thought about what life would be like in the most interesting workplaces.

Back at LRJJ, I had so many friends who marvelled about their internships all over the world. So I'd like to share my amazing stories with you as I have decided to jump into adventurous Hong Kong. 

I am currently working at the JW Marriott Hotel as a Food and Beverage internship trainee. I began my internship in the so called “Fish Bar” which, as the name states, is very famous for fish cuisine.

Every time we prepare for the next round (lunch or dinner), the most important thing is being able to comprehend what will be needed.  I always make a list to make sure I'm prepared and nothing is missing, 

For the group meeting, all staff of the bar gather at the table, talk about the various dishes and wines on the menu and taste them. They are changed every day.
Having such a prep-meeting is really important because when guests need explanation about food or drinks, we should be able to tell them immediately. And of course, we would like to enhance their stay and give them a personal preference to help making their decision.

After having the morning meeting, we have to check the reservations. We of course need to consider the date, special requests from the guest, and confirm the booking.

This taks might look simple, but can be the most important work, so we should be cautious. Let’s say, if I check the date wrongly, it can lead to a disastrous result.
Guests will complain about it and the hotel could miss the guests that intended to spend a lot of money in our restaurant. The hotel's reputation depends on our work.

Sometimes, guests request some special amenities ranging from small things like a birthday cake or high chairs for babies to the big events like a wedding or renting out the whole restaurant.

For small scale requests this is very easy. For example, one guest asked us to prepare a cake for his birthday.
But for big events, we do have to cooperate with other departments within the hotel. When guests make big events in the hotel, they have to discuss with Sales and Marketing department first. They then set the budget, size, and other details about the event.

More to come during my next blog posting - stay tuned!