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16 May 2016


by Melissa Rieu, Transfer Student from LRJJ at Les Roches Marbella (Spain)

When transferring from Shanghai to Marbella I chose the on-campus accommodation, and it was a decision I surely not regret! The neighborhood is very calm and green; the dorms are totally different from Les Roches Jin Jiang, where all students are accommodated in a hotel.

Here in Marbella we live in an apartment located in a residence with other local citizens and each building has its own pool.

However, unlike in LRJJ’s student accommodation Palm Beach, our pools are not useable in winter as they are not covered or heated.

Each flat features 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and you have the choice to live either in a single or double. I have chosen to be in a double, so we are currently four LRB students in one apartment. In contrast to Palm Beach however, here we have a larger living room and spacious kitchen that allows cozy cooking sessions.

On the other hand, since we all live more scattered around in different blocks, we barely run into each other after school for a casual chat, whereas in Shanghai that was much more likely, as we will all were located in the same compound.

Around the residence we have a free access to the gym for Les Roches students, a tennis court and a golf academy. Adding on, students can also opt to join the school’s after-class-activities such as the marathon training, football, table tennis and many more.

It’s a great opportunity for students to release stress and keep fit after a long day
of intense classes.

As I have mentioned in the first post we are located a handy 15min walk from the beach and the famous port called “Puerto Banus”. I would say it’s the St Tropez of Spain!

Since summer is approaching, there is a noticeable increase in tourists - more and more restaurants and bars along the beach are opening up too. The city is becoming very lively, and I really look forward to the summer as it is the best time to balance school life and fun! Nonetheless, there will be more studying on the way as the last year of our studies is challenging!

But that’s what college life is about: Managing your time, balancing between fun and work and making the best out of your opportunities – wherever around the globe they may present themselves.