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28 April 2016


by Anna Vdovina, Les Roches Jin Jiang Student, Intern at Alliance Advisory and Hotel Management, Shanghai

When people are talking about their office times, you can usually split them in two groups: the ones who prefer 9-to-5 office hours and the ones who enjoy the unpredictability of their work time (2 a.m. business calls included). While the hospitality industry has always been known for the latter, it also comes with one of the greatest perks (at least in my opinion): an opportunity to travel.

This is exactly the feature I am lucky enough to experience while working at Alliance Advisory (AAHMCO). Two of my colleagues and I have just returned from a business trip to Singapore! We have spent four very busy yet productive days working on an event we are going to organize this October.

Apart from the consulting activities, which is the company’s primary field of expertise, we also organize industry-related events - most prominently the Young Hospitality Professionals Summit.

Having been held for the first time in Shanghai last year, YHPS has managed to attract more than 20 professional speakers and contributors as well as over 300 attendees.

The purpose of the summit is for both young hospitality professionals and experienced industry leaders to connect with each other, build a mutually beneficial working network and shape the future of hospitality industry on an international scale. This year we are planning to expand the horizons and reach out for even more young professionals by hosting two summits: one in Beijing in June and another one in Singapore this October.

The planning, marketing and execution of an event of such a scale (we are anticipating around 400 attendees for the Singapore session) would naturally require significant supporting sources and funding, which we were seeking during this business trip.

I must admit, these past four days might have been the busiest days of my life since we used to start meetings before breakfast and finish very late in the evening, but they were also the most satisfying ones.

I honestly consider myself being extremely lucky since I got a chance to meet senior management and top-level executives of companies, such as Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts, AccorHotels, Hyatt and Commune Hotels and Resorts, expressing our ideas and presenting the concept of the event in a way that would inspire them to contribute. Apart from these “traditional” meetings, we also had hotel tours for famous properties, such as Marina Bay Sands and The New Beach Hotel, which were both educational and entertaining.

This all would probably not have happened if not for the great support and true hospitality we received from our business partners in Singapore. 

It was great to enjoy this kind of spirit and passion from people around me: once again I understood how important it is to have like-minded colleagues and friends who share the same values and vision!

To sum up, this trip was extremely rewarding in terms of both professional experience and positive emotions and I am looking forward to the next challenge at AAHMCO so stay tuned to get more updates from the hospitality consulting world!