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25 April 2016

MI VIDA EN LA COSTA DEL SOL (my life at the coast of the sun)

by Melissa Rieu, Transfer Student from LRJJ at Les Roches Marbella (Spain)

I am currently continuing my bachelor degree with Les Roches in Marbella, Spain.
You may not be sure where it is situated, but one thing is fore sure: It is really sunny all year long and the beach is only a 15min walk away - so make sure to bring your sun glasses and sun cream!

And a warm welcome to my journey from Les Roches Shanghai to Les Roches Marbella!

On 8th of February I landed at the Malaga Airport and then headed to Marbella City. During the 45 mins drive I was surrounded by beautiful nature; on my right was the numerous mountain range and on the left was the clear blue ocean reflecting the clear skies. As you have experienced arriving in Shanghai, you will see the tall skyscrapers and really feel the city environment featuring a much different vibe. It was another culture shock as I have already adapted to the Asian cultural environment/big city lifestyle.  However, that feeling didn’t bother me long, as I had the sun, beach and mountains view in one scenery.

As we arrived to the school entrance we were friendly welcomed with a short campus tour with a welcome drink, a sign of true hospitality!

After settling down and meeting all the students I was amazed on how many students from LRJJ had decided to transfer to LRM. We all gathered for a reunion dinner to recall back all the great memories we had spend in Shanghai; it was sad but we were all thankful of the great people we met through our journey.


I chose to transfer to LRM not only for the amazing weather but also because of the courses they provide. As my home country Thailand is surrounded by many exotic beaches, my dream is to one day run a luxurious resort by the beach. Therefore, coming to LRM gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams by taking the specialization in Resort Management.

School Days

Everyday I take the school bus at 8 am to eat breakfast just like we would in LRJJ. However, with classes starting at 9am it is a little bit more relaxed than in Shanghai. Since I am now in BBA6 our courses have a different focus than at LRJJ because most of our classes will require laptops for the use of Excel (solver & data analysis so get your computer ready for this) and are more focused on management. Classes are always in the same classroom which is a big change compared to LRJJ where we change classrooms for different subject taken.

After school life

Since Europe is relatively small compared to China, students have plenty of opportunities to go on a road trip to visit neighboring cities, regions and countries. 
So stay tuned for more insight to my life in Spain - it's going to be an exciting ride!