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19 April 2016


by Sandra Alves (Portugal), Les Roches Jin Jiang Student, Management Trainee at Kempinski Ishtar Dead Sea, Jordan

Summer has arrived and has brought the hotels high season along with it. For the past few weeks I have experienced working at Ashur, which is the hotel’s Italian restaurant, and have now recently transferred to the hotel’s Thai restaurant “Codes”.

Ashur? Codes? What does this all mean, why these names? Working at the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar, even the name of the hotel itself has a meaning.

Jordan is known for its rich history, but actually the names of outlets and hotel come from myths and stories of the old Iraqi civilization.

Ishtar, which is mentioned in the name of the hotel, is the ancient god of love, and her transportation was a mystical lion creature, which is the symbol of the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar.

Ashur, the Italian restaurant is named after the god of war. Codes, the Thai restaurant, represent the writing means of communication during that time. All the other outlets of the hotel share various references to the Iraqi heritage.

The hotel has now entered its high season, and this year, for the first time in the hotel’s history, the property has booked 20 weddings for the current year, which will be a lot of work but will give me the chance to learn a lot as well during busy operations.

The Ashur is the hotels most elegant restaurant, and it is the hotels prize possession as it is located by the propertie’s infamous infinity pool, and known for its exceptional service.

At the restaurant, I had the opportunity to work at the bar, learn how to make cocktails and other drinks, I also had the opportunity to learn how to open and close the bar area, manage inventory and requisitions, and finally take care of table orders and doing the food pick up.

Not long after, I was transferred to the main lobby outlets, which include our Thai restaurant Codes, as well as Isin, the lobby bar, and Kish, which is the sports bar.
At Codes I experienced a different type of service, table set up, and studied the Thai food menu through daily trainings led by our Thai chef.
At the bars, I learnt more about beverage sequence of service, how to prepare the popular Arabic coffee, as well as a known Arabic welcome drink called Karkadé, which is Hibiscus tea, served hot or chilled and tastes as sweet as a fruit drink!

The highlight of the past few weeks training in the lobby outlets was of course the amount of experience and information I have received from my colleagues and managers, but also a trip advisor comment from a guest that mentioned my name!

The next step for me at the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar will be the Akkad, the hotels pool bar & grill, thank you for going through the LRJJ blog, and make sure to stay updated with me at the lowest point on earth!