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9 December 2015


by Arnold Amrhein (Costa Rica), Les Roches Jin Jiang student, Guest Relations Intern at Rosewood London

I am more than half way through my internship, and as I sit here recompiling memories of the past four months with the intent of bringing to light a lesson learnt and invite you further into my journey here at the Rosewood London.

I find it painstakingly difficult to identify one. I have seamlessly introduced you to the world of Rosewood, explored together the company’s backbone philosophy of a Sense of Place, and reviewed important lessons that have helped me identify my values and purpose within my duties.
Yet almost apologetically, I convene here with a vacant mind thinking of an improbable thought to share with you. Nevertheless, it is this precise singularity and the fact that I erroneously believe that I have nothing else to share with you, that I begin to explore the most sought-after lessons that have granted my success; those that are solely internal and almost transcendental. 

I am talking of the lessons that made me into the person I am today.

Some call it personal branding, I call it human individuality - a compendium, a fruity blend of passion, motivation, and dedication that constitutes my personality and my identity; one that is honest and wears no disguise.

Just like a car needs fuel to run or our devices need electricity to power; there is an identifiable energy in the ‘art-of-doing-things’. What I mean is that everybody can perform tasks, but very few can actually embrace them; deliver the energy needed to execute them to perfection with pride and passion. In the hospitality field, this energy is our brand, the way we portray ourselves to others by firstly defining our identity. Defining ourselves is an act that takes time and is never to be completed; it is constantly enriched through experiences and interactions that might or might not abruptly change us forever.

My life has been an amalgamation of experiences. 

One particular impact on the way I do things here at the Rosewood London is my learning experience at Les Roches Jin Jiang (LRJJ). 

Being a secondary campus for Les Roches Switzerland, it provides the top quality hospitality education from the best in the field; combining both theoretical and practical classes as part of their curricula. At LRJJ I’ve learned immensely on the theoretical portions of our industry that served me very well when coming in to complete my internship. However, I think the most important lessons from Les Roches were intrinsic; they were a part of the experience.

The experience to live in China, in a culture widely foreign to me, taught me how to think on my feet, how to be dynamic, and how to cooperate rather then operate.
This means accepting new cultures rather than imposing my own. With this cross-cultural experience, I have been able to interact with my guests with empathy and understanding, identifying our primal differences to create genuine hospitable relationships.

In addition, the wide array of cultures that conforms the student community at Les Roches has given me the opportunity to refine my teamwork and communication skills.

Here at the Rosewood London I have started, catered, and consolidated relationships with my fellow colleagues and managers. A mutual relationship of support, communication, and trust between the directors and the associates creates a ripple effect in the entire community, granting every single one of us the motivation to give unto our guests all that we have to offer.

Our human individuality is not composed of a single experience, but a collection of them and spans a lifetime. Each one of us may share similar backgrounds, but must flourish from our distinctiveness; one that should not be confused with superiority, but rather with the ability to identify our strengths and our real uniqueness to be able to present ourselves with honesty. As it is a sincere portrayal that constitutes the energy that powers the ‘art-of-doing-things’.

Bring out the best of yourself at all time; be the unique brand you represent, "and most importantly be yourself, because everyone else is already taken”. It is then when you will be deeply rewarded.