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9 November 2015


by Diana Barankevich (Belarus), Les Roches Jin Jiang student, Sales Assistant Manager at The Secrets Royal Beach & Now Larimar Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic


Almost 2 months have passed since I arrived to the Dominican Republic. The cultural shock is gone and I feel more familiar with the place and integrated into the local day-to-day life. 


I find it exciting to discover Dominican mentality and culture.


During the time I spent here I fell in love with my hotel, its organization and working environment. I enjoy the daily routine and I feel motivated to go to work. Every day I enter the office with a smile on my face.

After spending 2 months in the Sales Department as a trainee, I received a job offer as Sales Assistant Manager, which I accepted without any doubts.


My daily responsibilities include handling the reports (competition benchmark, monthly production, comparing budget vs. real etc.), distributing ADRs and EBBs per market segment, receiving tour operators and travel agencies site inspections, working with extranet and HBSI, processing groups and tour operators’ contracts, working with OTAs, forecasting, budgeting etc.

The main difference I felt when becoming a full time worker is an increased responsibility. Even though I didn’t have enough practical experience of working in such a big property I have had enough theoretical knowledge that helps me every day.

Furthermore, there is a new Now Garden resort of 180 rooms officially opening on the 23rd of December. For this reason I have a chance to get involved into all the hotels’ pre-opening activities which appeared to be a huge amount of work: BARs, offers, promotions, rates and a lot of marketing. I have to admit that handling the property at the opening stage is an incredible experience.


Loving my work, demonstrating the high level of theoretical and practical knowledge I gained at Les Roches Jin Jiang, together with a hardworking attitude, gave already positive results.


I feel grateful to all the teachers of Les Roches Jin Jiang because the knowledge they shared me proved to be very helpful. For example, I would like to thank Ms. Nikoleta Hroncova, lecturer at LRJJ. Her accounting classes have been extremely useful for my career. I now understand the importance of endless homework she gave to us. Now I appreciate the evenings with the accounting book I spent in the Student’s Lounge. I have to admit that very often during my working days I open Ms. Hroncova’ slides and get to think of the lessons she gave, as it’s exactly what I encounter with every day in the sales department.

Apart from what I learned at LRJJ, there are other factors which influenced my positive experience so far:

  1. I am lucky to have helpful and experienced colleagues around me, attentive Human Resources team is doing their best to attend my needs, and, of course, an encouraging and supportive supervisor that educates and inspires me.
  2. Not every trainee is lucky to have a supervisor/manager who invests time in them and training them on more than what was written in the trainee contract. Here, I feel I am treated well and with respect. All hotel employees understand that trainees are students who are there to learn, and  feel responsible for teaching us.  


Day after day, I keep learning a lot both about my property and about the hospitality industry.