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21 August 2015


by Diana Barankevich (Belarus), Les Roches Jin Jiang student, cross-managerial trainee at The Secrets Royal Beach & Now Larimar Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic

Arrival, orientation and first impressions of the Secrets Royal Beach & Now Larimar Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic.

I am happy to be able to share with you about my impressions and experiences during my internship that I decided to complete in a well-known resort destination called Punta Cana in the sunny Dominican Republic.

I chose a big Spanish hotel chain called AMResorts: adults only, all-suite, all-inclusive, and specialized in luxurious events experiences. AMResorts offer their guests daytime “Royal Treatment“ with spa, watersports, beach activities, golf, animation programms, pool entertainment, and others. At nightime, the hotel turns into a fun world of “fiesta“ with casinos, theatres, nighclubs, live music, open-air shows, and cocktail parties. At least three wedding events are held in the hotel daily.


My internship program has been attentively customized by Human Resources according to my personal preferences and wishes.


I will be completing my internship in several resort hotels of the chain called Secrets Royal Beach, Breathless Punta Cana and Now Larimar. My cross-training program consists of various positions in different departments such as Sales & Marketing, Reception, Concierge, Groups, Events, VIP Assistance and Reservations.

Before my arrival here I was both excited and scared.

Firstly, I chose to go absolutely alone to a completely unfamiliar part of the world where I had neven been before.

Secondly, I wasn’t sure that my level of Spanish language would be enough to feel confident to work here.

Furthermore, what if I wouldn’t like Punta Cana in general? Or my collegues? The climate? The mentality? As I realized upon my arrival, there was nothing to be worried about.


Sometimes, it is important to overcome doubts and fears and throw yourself into a big adventure of world discovery if you are given a chance.


Otherwise, you might miss the time and experience of your life. Though, I have to admit: language barrier and cultural difference are even more challenging than I have expected it to be.

The hotel welcomed me in a very friendly way: the airport pick-up was organized for me, Human Resources team took me out for lunch. After I was shown my accommodation, the driver kindly showed me around, took me to the shop to buy what I needed, the mobile phone office, and to the bank to open an account.

My orientation day was entertaining, well-organized and useful! I was introduced to the hotel team, well, to most members of the team as the property has around 1,500 employees. I was taken to the Induction Class where I learned about the hotel chain. I was given a tour around and provided with all the possible support to become familiar with the property.

For the next 6 months I will dedicate myself to the delightful hotel life full of joyful celebrations, luxurious entertainment and events organization. I feel excited about it and look forward to the amazing experience I will gain!