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20 July 2015


by Arnold Amrhein Madrigal (Costa Rica), Les Roches Jin Jiang student, Guest Relations Intern at Rosewood London


After finishing two semesters of study in Shanghai it was time for my first internship. After a semester of struggle, interviews, and a plethora of written communications back and forth from hotels, I decided to take a job in London.


Rather then a decision, it was more like waiting to be accepted, as I knew this was the property I wanted to work in.


My hotel is part of Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, a relatively new hidden gem in the world of hospitality, but a resounding echo in the minds of luxury connoisseurs. The brand’s motto “a sense of place” encompasses the native blending of the property with its locale, offering non-intrusive experiences in all of their properties worldwide. It seems like a mouthful, and honestly before I arrived it seemed like only a written illusion.

It was not more then a week ago that I started my Guest Relations Internship at the Rosewood London, and the written illusion of “a sense of place” materialized into a reality. A more then 100-year old building sits potently in the heart of the vibrant city of London. As you pass through the century-old gates that guide you into the courtyard you begin to breath a distinct air and the walls that have seen it all begin to unravel their stories. It was then, on my first day, that I discovered where I was.


I do not work in a hotel, but rather in a manor; guests do not come to check-in, they came to reside with us; I am not an employee, but an associate; I do not wear a uniform, but a wardrobe.


For many these may seem like just simple verbiages, colloquial differentiations, and marketing strategies; but for the past week of training, of receiving the overwhelming tenure of running the intricately complex operations at the Rosewood London, I have discovered that it is more then words but an attitude of intuition, refinement, and engagement that characterizes the environment I am in.

For the next 6-months I will discover what other mysteries lie within these walls, and continue to record them along with the immense value of experiential learning that I will gain throughout my internship.

Follow me on these series as I myself discover my sense of place at the Rosewood London.